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Enormous Selection of Surfaces Washed

Power washing treatments from Zueta can clean up your home's walls, roof, sidewalk, driveway, deck, porch, or patio. No matter how dirty they are.

Certified Professionals from Your Area

All the contractors you find through Zueta are properly trained, certified, and insured to complete your power washing work right, right away.

Affordable Solutions for Every Assignment

The power washing specialists at Zueta will complete your desired work with the highest level of speed, quality, and affordability that you can find in South Florida.


"Better than Ever!"

"Our home has a whole new shine to it since the guys from Zueta power-washed the walls. They took off years of dust and build up that we couldn't get to budge at all! We're very happy with the work we received." - Jim H.

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"Just Perfect!"

"We were in the process of selling our home when we called Zueta. The power washing they performed made the whole place look great from roof to sidewalk. They really helped us sell our old property and buy our new one!" - Julia M.

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"Problem Solved!"

"My parents were really worried about power washing since they heard it could damage walls. The professionals we hired from Zueta reassured them and really put their experience on display! They're extremely satisfied with the work." - Eddie L.

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